Leverage an existing suite of ecosystem integrations


When you launch a pool, it is automatically registered with the GYSR subgraph for indexing. You can query information on your pool, users, activity, and more! Learn more here.


We built a new Snapshot strategy to count votes for tokens in any GYSR pool. This enables inclusive and incentivized governance for your project community. The integration supports ERC20 staking, NFT staking, LP token staking, and pending rewards.

The following strategies are available

  • gysr-staking-balance

  • (NEW) gysr-lp-staking-balance

  • (NEW) gysr-pending-rewards

Try it out in the playground and add it to your space today.

Gnosis Safe (via WalletConnect)

Securely manage your GYSR pool with a Gnosis Safe multisig.


All GYSR pools are automatically integrated into DeBank portfolio tracking. This lets your users easily monitor all of their staking positions in one place.

More coming soon! 👀

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