GYSR documentation


an open platform for on-chain incentives
GYSR is a zero code launchpad for liquidity mining, NFT staking, governance rewards, token distribution, and much more.
It makes incentives easier, more accessible, and safer for both the creator and the investor.


Every industry needs good tooling. GYSR is on a mission to provide robust, secure, and open incentives infrastructure for the broader crypto ecosystem.

Our solution

The GYSR platform allows anyone to configure, launch, and manage a staking pool with zero code.
These pools provide a trustless agreement between creators and users, allowing projects to promote meaningful participation in their protocol with fair and transparent rewards.
For end users, GYSR provides peace of mind that the underlying smart contracts are safe and battle tested, helps with discovery of new opportunities.
As both a developer tool and an investment platform, GYSR is a crossroads for activity in decentralized finance
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